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Other added value action

We provide services and perform actions on the interest of our associates and the development of our sector


  • This initiative makes possible to group individual biomass and biogas projects under a common scheme to present them to the Call for Climate Projects of MAPAMA and, in this way, maximize the chances of being selected.
  • In the six years of operation of Canal Clima, 45 companies associated with AVEBIOM have registered a total of 511 facilities.

Bioenergy AWARDs

  • Bioenergy promotion award: to energy agencies, public bodies, technology centers or organisations with an outstanding mission in the support and promotion of the biomass use in Spain (yearly award).
  • Bioenergy Innovation Award: to companies developing innovative biomass technologies or services (biennial).

Sectorial representation

  • AVEBIOM performs a mission of dialogue with public actors, private organizations and the third sector to promote a good image and favorable framework for the development of the biomass use.
  • AVEBIOM is member and develops active roles in several EU and international platforms like: European Pellet Council (president), Bioenergy Europe (board member), World Bioenergy Association(steering committee).

Connecting and opening markets

  • AVEBIOM actively works to improve the international relations with countries emerging in their biomass activity to offer counsel and to create collaborations of mutual interests.
  • Several missions have been performed in Argentina, Mexico and Chile. Companies and relevant players from these countries visit and attend fair and events biennially at EXPObiomasa Fair.

Spanish Biomass Association