Where can you find available woodchips?

viernes 16 de enero, 2015

BASIS: European project to assess available biomass

BASIS is a European project co-financed by the Intelligent Energy Europe programme, coordinated by AEBIOM, in which AVEBIOM participates.

BASIS is launching a GIS platform to give information about chip supply availability. The idea is to advise biomass plant developers on the availability and sustainability of this raw material.
The platform aims to offer a global vision of the sustainable supply possibilities for woodchips and the competition for this resource in the European Union. In order to construct the platform, data has been collected on production potential and major consumers of chips (the database has gathered 3,000 references for electrical generation plants and thermal use boilers over 1 MW, paper factories, plank factories and pallet makers).

Everything has been geo-referenced in an intuitive, easy-to-use GIS (Geographical Information System), which was published for online consultation on 3rd December on the project’s webpage, www.basisbioenergy.eu
On that same day a workshop was held in Brussels organised by AEBIOM to discuss the “cascading” principle, or the pre-established prioritisation of biomass uses, which bioenergy associations oppose, claiming that it should be the real market that establishes priorities for use.

Business to Business
On the project’s webpage a B2B platform is available that aims to put enterprises in the biomass sector all over the European Union in contact with each other so that they become more visible internationally and can then grow their business. Interested enterprises can register for free at www.b2bbioenergy.eu


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