AVEBIOM collaborates to promote a professional association for biomass in Chile

Monday, 22 June, 2015

This recent Spanish-Chilean cooperation was forged during a visit by the president of AVEBIOM to the Chilean FIDA fair.

In addition to the presence of several Spanish enterprises, a special guest at the 6th International Wood Fuel Fair in Araucanía (FIDA) was Javier Díaz, president of the Spanish Biomass Energy Association (AVEBIOM). Mr. Díaz was surprised by the wood consumption figures for Chile and called them “impressive” given that, “Chile consumes more firewood alone than all the wood cut in Spain for all uses.” The Spanish organisation’s president also referred to the environmental problem caused by consumption of humid firewood in the south of the Latin American country, a problem for which the government is seeking solutions. That is why, added Díaz, “it is very important to become more technical and substitute part of that wood for pellets, which means better yields and lower emissions can be achieved.”

To support the change, Javier Díaz, as president of Expobiomasa , and Richard Caamaño, in his role as organiser of the FIDA fair, signed a collaboration and sponsorship agreement for the next Chilean event. Furthermore, Díaz offered AVEBIOM’s support in promoting a professional biomass association in Chile. Indeed, during the next Expobiomasa, meetings will be organised with Chilean professionals from administrations, bodies and enterprises, “in order to begin the work on the lines of the most suitable cooperation for meeting our pursued aims,” explained Mr. Díaz. In this sense, AVEBIOM already has confirmation from three groups of Chilean entrepreneurs who will be visiting Expobiomasa.

The 6th FIDA fair again highlighted the relevance in Chile of biomass energy development for use in housing, institutions and industry. The organising bodies (the Southern Association of Users and Consumers (CDS), the National Firewood Certification System (SNCL) and the Municipality of Temuco) expressed satisfaction for the wholehearted support from the public sector for the fair, “which demonstrates that the authorities are getting involved in the matter in a serious and coordinated way,” according to the SNCL representative, Vicente Rodríguez.

Source: BIE / www.fida.cl


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